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Eight Reasons Why Perimeter Fencing is the Hottest New Home Upgrade

1. Property values near coastal areas are at record highs.

For a number of years west coast property values have been going up, notably faster than the rest of the country. For example: in August the San Diego County median home price hit a record high at 590,000$. (source : With pricing trends like these homeowners are incentivized to utilize & develop their homes to the fullest, and perimeter fencing can be one of the best ways to accomplish that goal.


2. Pet ownership is trending higher.

Over the past 3 decades pet ownership has increased by 11% among Americans, up from 56% in 1988 to 67% in 2019. (source : It goes without saying that fencing is a must have for dog owners, so that 11% pet ownership increase will have gone a long way to increase the demand for perimeter fencing.


3. More people are homeless now in SoCal than ever.

California has the largest homeless population of any state. The majority of California’s homeless live in SoCal, almost half living in LA county alone. Intrinsically linked with the soaring cost of housing, homelessness in California is a complex issue that may take decades to fix. With no way out in sight, and local legislators essentially having their hands tied as to make any progress addressing root causes, home owners are doing whatever they can to secure their homes.


4. Technology such as ring door bells.

Ring Doorbells & smart locks both arrived on the market in the early 2010s. As smart phone technology marched forward, companies like Amazon took advantage of homeowners wanting simple solutions for taking control of their own homes privacy. With a smart lock or ring doorbell you can interact with people like package delivery services or renters with a few clicks on your phone. Adding these systems to perimeter fencing creates an intuitive security solution. Privacy concerns of having third party security companies access your home are reduced because surveillance is on the perimeter, with all the same benefits remaining.


5. Liberal ADU permitting increasing population density.

California is making it easier & easier to create ADUs. The past three years: 2017, 2018, & 2019 have all seen significant legislation that seeks to make it easier for homeowners to create ADUs. As more Accessory Dwelling Units are constructed in the coming years, the population density will increase in many Southern California neighborhoods. With increased population density come changes like less privacy & increased need for security systems. Perimeter fencing is particularly relevant in areas where ADUs will be affecting population density. It gives homeowners a way to simultaneously define property lines & the line between house and ADU. One fence, two functions.


6. Warm climate allows use of new patios and decks all year.

There’s no secret here! Southern California is known all over the world for it’s spectacular year-round weather. The more opportunities you have to get outside & enjoy the sunshine(or the shade), the better. Traditional lawns were often for show only. Modern homeowners want to get the maximum use from their square footage, and perimeter fences allow them to do that.


7. Increase of Package and Mail Theft

Americans are having more packages delivered to their homes than ever before, and thieves are taking advantage. The ever-growing array of solutions can make securing your packages from thieves a complicated procedure. Even Amazon is now offering ways to solve this problem, including picking up packages at drop-off locations & the new “Amazon Key”- a service that lets delivery drivers enter your house/car to drop off packages. Perimeter fencing offers one of the simplest solutions that is a sure thing. Adding a drop-box gives drivers a safe place to place deliveries that thieves can’t access. Even without a drop-box, perimeter fencing can help add a barrier that deters thieves, and possibly block the line of sight to your doorstep.


8. Beautiful New materials such as Ipe and Trex.

Ipe & Trex are low maintenance, long-lasting materials. Their increasing popularity coupled with the rise of DIY automated home security paints a vivid picture of the functionality a perimeter fence can have. The combination of these two features, and others unexplored here, shows that savvy homeowners are seeking long-lasting solutions to the complex changes in their neighborhoods.  Perimeter fencing is a relatively inexpensive and attractive solution that adds value and security to almost any property.