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Six Padlocks For Your Gate in 2019

This is a short list of 6 padlocks that will give your home a considerable security boost, at a modest price point. Padlocks are particularly fitting for gate security because they offer a simple solution that will work with almost any existing structure. Each lock out there has its advantages and disadvantages. Choosing what suits your gate best often involves a trade off between higher security, ease of access, and cost. Keeping your home’s individual needs in mind is good practice as well. This could be anything from who uses your gate, to the clearance of your fence’s hasp/hardware.


Smart padlocks

Yes, smart home security has made its way into the world of padlocks! Like indoor smart locks, they are all relatively new and the options vary greatly. They won’t connect with smart home hubs like Alexa or Google Home, but instead unlock via bluetooth. There has never been an easier way to share access with your family, friends and renters.


1. eGeeTouch Outdoor Smart Padlock

 This lock was designed for commercial or government use and is widely available for around $50. It’s weatherproof and freeze resistant surface provides unmatched outdoor durability in the world of smart locks.

Smart Features :

  • Can unlock with either a bluetooth connected phone/smart-watch or the included fob.
  • It has its own app to unlock/ store locking information, but some features may be restricted to a commercial version.
  • Rechargeable battery(usb) with a long life span


2. Igloohome Smart Padlock

The Igloohome Smart Padlock provides amazingly easy access sharing coupled with sound security and solid waterproofing. The access sharing features of this lock are what makes its larger price, around $100, worthwhile.

Smart Features:

  • Both keypad entry and Bluetooth unlocking are available
  • 4 types of access:
    • Permanent pin
    • Duration pin(start and end time)
    • One time pin
    • Bluetooth key.
  • Each different type of access can be shared directly through their app
  • Hardened steel shackle, 1.2 inch standard, 3.2 inch shackle available separately
  • Charges using a 9 volt battery, also has a long battery lifespan


Keyed Padlocks

 Keyed Padlocks have been around long enough that the contenders for best padlock have risen to the top and established their status there. They also take less time and hassle to set up than smart locks. Make no mistake, there is an immense variety of keyed padlocks to choose from. These are two padlocks that have proven themselves to be among the best in mid range options.


1. Abus Diskus

 The Abus Diskus is a choice pick for securing outdoor areas of any sort. It’s got excellent weather resistance due to its mostly stainless steel composition. The smaller shackle clearance provides additional security against thieves looking to brute force your gate, but also makes it incompatible with some gates. There are a wide range of sizes, so opting for a larger lock may solve this problem. Abus also sells the Abus Diskus Hasp if you are willing to change your hardware accordingly.


2. Stanley Shrouded Hardened Steel Padlock

 This lock offers the greatest amount of security features available for a lock of this price. It has a shrouded shackle, keyway cover, and anti-pick pins that protect against all common ways that thieves could try to get around your lock. The Stanley Shrouded Hardened Steel Padlock is not as weather resistant as the other lock on this list. While this can be a drawback for outdoor spaces, it offers superior protection to almost all weather proof locks at the same price range. This is because of the tradeoff between hardened and stainless steel. Simply put stainless steel will ward off the elements, while hardened steel will better protect against brute force entry.


Combination Padlocks

If you’re just looking to lock a side gate and don’t want to finnick with another key or smart lock configuration, combination locks may be a suitable option. Combination padlocks  have a lower security level than all other padlock designs, however. That’s why the two that have been selected here are both fully weatherproof and have a solid design. They are also cheaper than the other options on this list, trading off higher security for both lower cost and ease of access.


1. Abus Combination Lock 180IB

 This lock is made up of a brass body and stainless steel shackle for rust resistance/weatherproofing. It has a 4 digit, individually re-settable code which must be reset using an included tool. There are a total of 10,000 possible combinations to choose from, and it has additional tampering protection to keep thieves out.


2. Brinks Commercial Marine Combination Padlock

  The security on this lock is bolstered by a boron-steel shackle for strength against possible attacks. It’s got a powder coating and covered digits for weather resistance. The 4 digit code is easier to change than the Abus, with a tab found on the back of the lock instead of a tool which you have to keep track of. It also opens with a squeeze, instead of pulling on the shackle.


A key thing to remember when using a padlock for gate security is that a lock is only as good as its weakest link. The hasp, chain or latch that your lock secures to will make all the difference if anyone really wants to get in. That being said, each of these options will provide sound security on any properly equipped gate.