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Carlsbad – A Modern Fence and Gates


Client was tired of their run down, falling apart chain link fence sectioning off their backyard. In addition, they wanted to modernize and replace their existing wooden gates leading from the front to the backyard.


First, we replaced the gates. The client chose IPE wood with a finished stain to create a beautiful and functional gate and partition system. The new partition system on the left side of the house prohibits access from the street to the backyard, but can easily be opened if access to the pool filtration system is needed. On the right side, we built an IPE partition wall to hide the trash cans from guests in the backyard. The gate includes a beautiful handle, lock and hinge for ease of opening and closing when desired. The design matches the diagonal slope from the neighbor’s property creating an amazing finished look.

As for the new fence, to begin we completely removed any trace of the old fence. We placed new steel posts, set in concrete, that will be sure not to fall with growing greenery like the prior wooden posts. Using a powder coated, 3” x 3” gridded panel, we connected each of the posts and closed off the backyard from the open slope.The panel is much more rigid than the prior chain link, creating a straight fence line and prohibiting it from toppling into our client’s yard. We finished this fence with two strips of IPE wood along the top, adding to the rigidity of the fence and helping to connect the look of the new fence to that of the new gates.


Our client was very happy with the finished look. The new fence in the backyard completely transformed the space. We added lights to a few of the fence posts as well as placed a few mushroom lights within the greenery. The gates are not only functional, but truly add to the overall aesthetic of the home. With the IPE slats placed atop the backyard fence, the home exterior now has a finished, connected look to it all.