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A Modern Fence and Dog Patio


Client was unhappy with the front yard, as well as having some privacy concenrns and lighting polution at night coming through the windows.

Previous fence didin’t provide andy security and other dogs were coming into the yard leaving a mess.


The customer chose a Gabion Wall in combination with IPE fence giving it a modern look as well as providing the privacy needed. A custom 10 feet long black steel gate was installed to the fence, a very light material for the long gate, which combines well with the high-end oil finish applied to the IPE fence. Modern Fence & Deck offers CNC capability, which can be applied to your gates based on your designs.

Several solutions were applied to provide security and privacy besides the gabion and IPE fence.
The pinpoint privacy product 9ft privacy artificial cedar trees (available up to 14ft and also in bamboo) in the front windows addressing the privacy concenrns and lighting polution at night, and with the added value of no root damage or maintenance.

The deck designed with new concrete squares which can serve as parking or as a party area.

For more security and privacy a video door bell was installed along with a security light and a large home delivery box to avoid package theft.


The Gabion wall was filled with mexican pebble in gray in various sizes. The wall has many benefits like no maintenance, a high end finish and one of the most durable fences available. Direct lighting outside of the fence was applied as well to beautify and provide even more security.

Along with the fence a bench planter with deco-rocks was installed and includes accent lighting which provides security at night but also beautifies the palm trees. A sitting area was provided with IPE and on top of the planter lighted glass and mexican beach pebble were added to give it a unique look.

An accent privacy wall was also installed giving privacy not only for the client but for the neighboor as well. Artificial grass was applied so the dog can enjoy the patio as well, providing low maintenance turf and always green.