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Tiger Wood

Tiger Wood

Tiger is one of the most beautiful and durable woods that we use at Modern Fence and Deck. Tiger wood is known for its reddish and golden brown color with black accent stripes similar to a tiger. This particular wood is very durable and resistant to rot, or insect damage. Tiger Wood finishes very nicely and can be sealed, but lasts forever even untreated.

Also known as Goncalo Alves, this wood is from Brazil. Our suppliers use responsible harvesting techniques, insuring a renewable resource. Tiger Wood can last for up to 30 years. It is very dense and does not denteasily, making it very desirable for flooring and decks. It is also considered moderately difficult to work with, and is best left to the pros for proper installation. Weighs approximately 60 lbs/cubic ft.


Camuru is one of the hardest, most dense woods we sell and is extremely durable and sharp looking. Camuru has a dark reddish brown hue, with sometimes streaks of purple or dark green. Camuru is associated with luxury and is often installed in mansions and five star hotels. It is extremely resistant to rot, decay, and insect damage. Camuru can last for 50 plus years.

Camuru comes from Brazil, and our suppliers harvest the wood responsibly to insure an ongoing supply. Also known as Brazilian Teak, Camuru is often used for flooring, because of its beauty and dent resistance. It works very well for fencing and deck material as well. Camuru is moderately difficult to work with and professional installation is recommended. Weighs approximately 68 lbs/cubic foot.

Camuru wood
IPE wood


Ipe is dark hued wood often used in decking and modern wood fences. Also known as Brazilian Walnut, its darker brown hue makes it very desirable. We source our Ipe from responsible Brazilian growers directly. Ipe is extremely hard and is resistant to denting, rot, decay, or insect damage. It will last up to 80 years with no preservatives.

Ipe is not on the list of restricted or endangered woods. Builders all over California and the Southwest are using Ipe for fencing, decking, and flooring. The natural oils in the wood act as a preservative – no chemicals needed. The wood smells good too. This wood is a favorite among high end architects and designers worldwide. Ipe weighs approximately 70 lbs/cubic foot.


Cedar is a very popular material for the construction of modern wood fences. Cedar has multi colored grains that look fantastic in front of a house. As you drive around neighborhood looking at the various types of fences, cedar fences definitely stick out as being attractive. House flippers realized a few years ago that cedar fences add value to a property.

Cedar wood has natural oils that make it resistant to rot and insect damage. It is considered a softwood and is easy to work with. It is lightweight and very durable. Cedar also stands up well to harsh elements, and is warp resistant. Cedar is also less expensive than some of the other popular woods used to build fences.

Camuru wood


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