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Cedar a Popular Wood for Modern Fences

Cedar is a very popular material for the construction of modern wood fences. Cedar has multi colored grains that look fantastic in front of a house. As you drive around neighborhood looking at the various types of fences, cedar fences definitely stick out as being attractive. House flippers realized a few years ago that cedar fences add value to a property.

Cedar wood has natural oils that make it resistant to rot and insect damage. It is considered a softwood and is easy to work with. It is lightweight and very durable. Cedar also stands up well to harsh elements, and is warp resistant. Cedar is also less expensive than some of the other popular woods used to build fences.


Cedar Preferred for Fences

  • Multi colored grains are very attractive
  • Long lasting – treated wood can last 40 years
  • Resistant to rot, insects, and warping
  • Low maintenance

It may be confusing for some consumers to know what Cedar actually is, because many woods are called cedar of one kind or another, but they are not actually the real. Cedar trees originated in the Mediterranean region of the world and the Himalayas, but have been successfully cultivated in many other areas, including the United States.

Cedar wood fences, untreated, can easily last over 20 years. If they are treated they can last as long as 40 years. There are definitely cheaper woods, like pine and spruce, but in the long run they end up costing people more. Cedar is known to be one of the best fencing materials there is. Please call us today and talk to one of our sales reps about your cedar fence.


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